Legal areas

Criminal cases

The attorneys at Advokatfirman Codex regularly undertake engagements as public and private defenders. In recent years, the law firm’s attorneys have represented clients in several of the largest criminal proceedings in Sweden.  

The law firm’s lawyers have long experience of being appointed as injured party counsel and regularly assume engagements in different parts of the country.

At Advokatfirman Codex we accept engagements as special representatives and protect the rights of children in the best possible manner.

Feel free to contact us if you need a:

  • Defender   
  • Injured party counsel 
  • Special representative for a child

Certified at the Swedish Migration Agency

Advokatfirman Codex has entered into an agreement with the Swedish Migration Agency and has become a certified employer. This means that work permit applications submitted by Advokatfirman Codex are assessed more quickly by the Swedish Migration Agency.

The Swedish Migration Agency makes decisions in complete matters within 10 working days in the case of a first time application and 20 working days in the case of an extention application.

Migration law

Advokatfirman Codex is one of the leading law firms within migration law and possesses particular expertise in this legal area. Ever since the law firm’s inception, we have had a particular interest in migration law issues.

Over the years, the law firm has handled a number of cases that have been tried by the Migration Court of Appeal. 

In addition, two of our attorneys have successfully represented a client in a noted case that was referred to the CJEU in Luxembourg and subsequently decided by the CJEU’s Grand Chamber. 

The lawyers at Advokatfirman Codex provide legal advice and representation regarding:

  • Asylum 
  • Custody 
  • Work permit matters 
  • Matters involving residence permits for the self-employed 
  • Residence permits based on nexus, etc
  • Applications for Swedish citizenship 
  • Legal investigations in migration law issues on behalf of companies and private individuals

Family law

Over the years, the law firm’s lawyers have represented a large number of clients in family law cases, some of which have been very extensive and complicated. With their cutting-edge expertise, the lawyers at the law firm have protected their clients’ interests in the best possible manner.

At the law firm, we undertake matters involving:

  • Custody of children 
  • Children’s residence 
  • Contact rights 
  • Right to remain in joint property pending division of marital property
  • Appointment as trustee in the above legal matters
  • Drafting of prenuptial agreements
  • Drafting of domestic partnership agreements 
  • Legal investigations in matters concerning custody, residence and contact with children

Welfare law – LVU, LVM, LPT, LRV 

In certain cases, decisions regarding compulsory custody may be taken in order to minimise the risk of injury to oneself or otherwise suffering hurt. Contact Advokatfirman Codex if you or anyone close to you needs help with matters concerning compulsory care.

 Juristerna på advokatfirman åtar sig ärenden avseende: 

  • LVU (Care of Young Persons (Special Provisions) Act) 
  • LVM (Care of Substance Abusers Act) 
  • LPT (Compulsory Psychiatric Care Act)
  • LRV (Forensic Psychiatric Care Act)

International private law

Abduction of children/retention of children

Situations may arise in which one of the parents abducts a joint child either from Sweden to another country or from another country to Sweden. In other cases, a child may be retained in Sweden after the end of a contact meeting or retained in another country after the end of a contact meeting abroad. In the case of these matters, there is a possibility for a parent to request that the child be returned to the child’s home country, among other things pursuant to the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Even if the child is abducted or retained in a country that has not acceded to the Convention, there are possibilities in other ways to conduct proceedings to have the child returned to Sweden. 

Attorney Ilhan Aydin has many years’ experience of matters involving abduction or retention of children. He is regularly retained in these often complex matters and, over the years, has successfully assisted many parents in getting back on their abducted or retained children. 

Other legal areas 

Advokatfirman Codex also accept engagements within:

Insurance law 
Claims law  
Construction law

Legal aid and Legal protection

We provide legal aid and legal protection. We accept engagements from throughout the country.


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